Hawk diamond loupe


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Lens Ø 21 mm, high quality aluminum, round shape

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This Hawk diamond loupe (triplet loupe) was specially developed for diamond viewing and offers Swiss premium quality lenses. The lens system of this precision magnifier consists of three individual lenses. The lenses are achromatic (color corrected) and aplanatic (distortion-free). Their special design eliminates the visible colour flaws, and the magnification is extremely high-contrasted and provides images that are razor-sharp up to the edges. Useful helper and indispensable for basic gemmological equipment.

Learn more about the application?

You can find information on how the lens or lens systems are constructed in high-quality magnifiers in the application article: Magnifier use and comparison .
For examining diamonds, please read our articles: Identifying diamonds and imitations or Testing and distinguishing gemstones .

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