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Mobile laboratory for experts that includes high-quality professional equipment. Suitable for comprehensive study and evaluation of gemstones

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The premium, full-featured, portable gemstone lab

Ideally equipped for mobile gemmological use! You can use this fully equipped, portable gemmological laboratory, with precision optics, in an aluminium case from the Rimowa brand, anywhere in the world. It is totally flexible in its power offering – running on mains power (110-230V), it has an automatic voltage switch capability; in the event of reduced or no mains power it will switch to its integral rechargeable battery. The centrepiece is a gemstone stereo microscope, it has special features that are absolutely necessary for a professional gemmologist. The higher the microscopic magnification and the better the optics, the more information is obtained for the reliable identification of gemstones. The integrated cold light source provides excellent light intensity for dark field, transmitted and reflected light illumination for diamond and gemstone examination. Also available in the laboratory: A refractometer for the determination of the refractive index, a spectroscope for stone diagnostics using Fraunhofer’s lines and bands, a dichroscope for examining pleochroism, and a polariscope for quickly identifying common gem imitations. The entire mobile laboratory consists of:

Equipment at a glance

■ Shock-resistant aluminum case (Rimowa case with wheels)
■ MSZ5000 stereo microscope with zoom and German precision optics
■ Stepless zoom with 7x-45x magnification Max. Magnification 180x (by using
20x eyepieces and attachment lens 2x as accessories)
■ Intuitive touchscreen
■ Can be used with an upright or horizontal structure
■ Dark field lighting
■ Gooseneck light guide for incident and transmitted light
■ Cuvette table and polarization device and translucent glass
■ Plane-parallel, polished glass cuvette
■ Object pliers for set and unmounted stones
■ LED lighting for incident and transmitted light
■ Gemstone refractometer with sodium filter and Anderson solution (refractive index 1.79 nD)
■ Spectroscope 1504 with spectroscope holder and scale lighting
■ Polariscope with analyzer, polarizer and conoscope lens
■ Dichroscope HD10
■ UV cabinet with short and long wave UV lamp
■ Mains adapter 100-240 V, battery usable worldwide (running time approx. 8 hours)

Practical examples can be found in the overview of applications or background information on the investigations can be found in the overview of methods .

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