Cold light sources

Our cold light sources generate visible light of very high intensity in the visible spectral range. With this light source it is possible to place the light where it is needed. In the gemmological field, cold light sources are deployed because they can be used to illuminate objects of complex shape with double fibre optics with pinpoint accuracy and without shadows. Our cold light sources can be controlled mechanically without changing colour with a long-life halogen mirror lamp.

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  • Magnifying Glasses Triplet LB010 side-NEW Quick View

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    Magnifying Glasses / Triplet LB010

    Magnifying glasses: Working distance: 270-300 mm, eye relief: 56-74 mm, field of view diameter: 50 mm, magnification: 2.3x.


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  • Gemstone refractometer ER601-LED

    Professionalgemstone refractometer with high-end equipment and quality LED lighting. For high-quality measurement of the refractive index and for checking the authenticity and quality of stones


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