Small mobile gemstone laboratory KA41KRS


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Fully equipped, high-quality and mobile test laboratory, offers standard equipment of gemological devices that experts need

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The KA41KRS is a gemmological test laboratory, equipped with all standard instruments

■ Shock-resistant aluminum case
■ KSW4000-KW microscope
■ Microscope optics with 10x and 30x magnification (expandable to 20x and 60x)
■ Can be used with an upright or horizontal structure
■ Dark field lighting
■ Gooseneck light guide for incident and transmitted light (incident light for microscope)
■ Cuvette table and polarization device and translucent glass
■ Plane-parallel, polished glass cuvette
■ Cold light source for incident and transmitted light
■ Gemstone refractometer with sodium filter, polarization filter and Anderson solution (refractive index: 1.79 nD)
■ Spectroscope 1501
■ Polariscope
■ Dichroscope HD10
■ UV hand lamp
■ Daylight lamp
■ Sorting board
■ Bottle for immersion oil
■ Power supply 100-240 V, can be used worldwide

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