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Fully equipped, high-quality and mobile testing laboratory, offers a standard range of gemmological equipment required by experts

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A.Krüss Travel Labs for the Professional Gemmologist

To ascertain the difference between synthetic, simulated, and real gems, away from the confines of the laboratory it is crucial for portable equipment to give the highest possible identification outcome. Appraisal in the field, at its very basic level, is carried out with a loupe, a flashlight, and a pair of tweezers. Not an ideal solution where identification is critical. Therefore, the use of portable high precision instruments will eliminate costly errors.

We recommend the KA41KRS, a gemmological test laboratory equipped with all standard instruments.

Equipment at a glance:

■ Shock-resistant aluminum case
■ KSW4000-KW microscope
■ Microscope optics with 10x and 30x magnification (expandable to 20x and 60x)
■ Can be used with an upright or horizontal structure
■ Dark field lighting
■ Gooseneck light guide for incident and transmitted light (incident light for microscope)
■ Cuvette table and polarization device and translucent glass
■ Plane-parallel, polished glass cuvette
■ Cold light source for incident and transmitted light
■ Gemstone refractometer with sodium filter, polarization filter and Anderson solution (refractive index: 1.79 nD)
■ Spectroscope 1501
■ Polariscope
■ Dichroscope HD10
■ UV hand lamp
■ Daylight lamp
■ Sorting board
■ Bottle for immersion oil
■ Power supply 100-240 V, can be used worldwide

Practical examples can be found in the overview of applications or background information on the investigations can be found in the overview of methods .

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