Testing and distinguishing gems

Diamond testers are used to quickly and easily distinguish diamonds from other natural stones and imitations or to separate natural diamonds from synthetic diamonds. The SmartPro Reader I is a test device that was primarily developed to distinguish between diamonds and the diamond imitation moissanite (silicon carbide). In addition, the device separates diamond imitations such as zirconia, YAG, GGG and other colorless natural stones such as colorless sapphires and topazes. The SmartPro Screen I device was designed exclusively for diamond tests. It also distinguishes some natural diamonds (Ia and Ib diamond types) from lab-grown synthetic diamonds.

Feature gem test equipment

With the SmartPro Reader I (picture right), the tip of the measuring probe is placed at right angles on a clean stone surface for the measurement. In the case of set stones, the measuring probe is placed in such a way that no metal part of the piece of jewelery touches the measuring probe. There is a small metal tray with indentations for loose stones. This must also be held or touched by hand for the measurement process. The measurement result appears on the LCD of the tester. It simultaneously checks the electrical and thermal properties of the stones. Moissanite is a good conductor of electricity and can therefore be distinguished from diamonds.

Testing, identifying and distinguishing gemstones

The SmartPro Screen I device (picture left) belongs to the new generation of test devices. They help distinguish between natural and colorless synthetic diamonds based on UV transmittance. Synthetic diamonds have a different transmittance or absorption than natural diamonds. When exposed to UV radiation, the different types of diamonds absorb different amounts of UV light.

Do you want to read more?

If you are looking for more specialist information, order the white paper “Edelstein test devices”. The publication describes e.g. the following topics:

  • Distinguishing between diamonds and the diamond imitation moissanite (silicon carbide)
  • Functionality of different test devices
  • Practical tip: Which test device to use for which stones?
  • Measure thermal and electrical properties
  • Distinguishing between colorless precious stones, gemstones and artificial stones
  • Distinguishing diamonds from imitation diamonds and other colorless stones
  • Detect zirconia, GGG, YAG, fabulite, synthetic spinel or glass
  • Identify Type IIa and Type IIb diamonds
  • UV absorption of natural and synthetic colorless jewelry diamonds
  • Identify HPHT syntheses or CVD diamonds

The whitepaper was produced in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jochen Schlueter wrote. He is a graduate mineralogist and responsible for the display collection of the Mineralogical Museum in Hamburg.

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