Hobbyist or professional gemmologist -
Here you can explore and discover a wide range of high-quality gemmological instruments.
Whatever your requirements – here you find everything from tweezers to refractometer

Welcome to A.KRÜSS Optronic. Here you can buy high quality gemmological instruments.

Would you like to test gemstones and are you looking for the right measuring instruments?
Our devices support gemmologists in testing, checking and evaluating gemstones. Furthermore our measuring instruments are the right choice for inspecting characteristics and properties such as clarity, cut, carat, cut, polish and purity. Our range includes high quality loupes, tweezers, polariscopes, dichroscopes and spectroscopes.

Our stereo microscopes, diamond test devices or refractometers are suitable for the precise determination of gemstones. Experts who want to work regardless of location can create assessments, analyses and gemstone valuations with the necessary precision instruments of our portable laboratories.

Why buy from A.KRÜSS Optronic?
All of our measuring instruments work with high quality optics and meet international standards for examinations and measurements. With us you get measuring devices with many extras: For every gemmological examination we offering extensive specialist information: Various practical tips explain the functionality and use of the devices. These instructions were written by qualified mineralologist Prof. Dr. written by Jochen Schlueter. He is responsible for the permanent collection of the Mineralogical Museum in Hamburg. You always receive attractive special guarantee services for our long-life measuring devices.

Our company

A.KRÜSS Optronic is world-famous for its optical measuring devices ensuring the highest precision. Our family business benefits from a 225-year-old company history. Most of the devices are produced in Hamburg. A.KRÜSS devices are used by universities, specialists and hobby gemmologists.

Devices from our company are of such a premium standard that, as significant objects in terms of technical and scientific history, they in fact form part of the “Modern Chemistry” exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. In addition, many TV productions include our microscopes in their equipment as they provide top-grade, robust and precise service, even under difficult conditions.

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