UV analysis lamp UV240


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For checking lots of gemstones simultaneously, working with different wavelengths and revealing luminescence phenomena

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UV analysis lamp

The UV analysis lamp is a mains-operated UV analysis lamp with a handle (for 230 V, 50 Hz). It is suitable for long- and short-wave UV light and is equipped with a special filter for both wavelength ranges. A tripod is available as an accessory.
In the gemmological field, UV lamps support identification by generating luminescence typical of the material. A distinction is made between the two luminescence phenomena – fluorescence (not afterglow) and phosphorescence (afterglow).
Counterfeit banknotes and other important documents can also be easily identified using UV and analysis lamps. When objects are exposed to UV light, their fluorescent and phosphorescent areas are revealed. Bills, credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports and ID cards all have fluorescent markers. UV-sensitive ink and watermarks that are invisible under normal light are found on most passports. Banknotes often have images or colored fibers worked into the paper that are only visible under ultraviolet light.

Technical details at a glance:

■ UV analysis lamp
■ Short-wave light (wavelength: 254 nm)
■ Long-wave light (wavelength: 366 nm)
■ Power per illuminant: 6 W
■ Power supply: 240 VAC
■ Lamp dimensions (W × D): 145 mm x 35 mm
■ Dimensions (W × H × D): 260 mm x 70 mm x 60 mm
■ Weight: 1233 g

You can find practical examples of the use of the UV analysis lamp for examining gemstones and semi -precious stones, for example in the article: Recognizing counterfeit diamonds under UV light .

More information on the examination method with UV light and phosphorescence as well as fluorescence can be found in the Luminescence method article.

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