Magnifying glasses – use and comparison

Magnifying glasses are precision tools and are used in various work environments: The jewelry industry and watchmakers use them as well as gemologists. A. Krüss magnifying glasses are particularly high-quality products that are tailored to the special needs of gemologists. These handy magnifying instruments are used for viewing, analyzing, measuring, checking and inspecting gemstones. Jewelers also work with them to evaluate stones or stamps. The magnifying glass is also used to assess the purity of diamonds.

Because if a diamond is “flawless” by definition, then it has no defects or inclusions that are visible with a magnifying glass (10x magnification). Magnifying glasses are used for work that requires two free hands. The magnifying glasses allow stereoscopic near vision, i.e. the close observation of an image with spatial depth.

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Magnifying glasses and lens systems

A loupe is not just a magnifying glass. Loupes get their magnification properties from built-in glass lenses. When using simple individual lenses, in addition to the desired magnification properties, there are unfortunately also undesired optical properties, such as spherical aberrations (distortions) and astigmatism (color flaws). With high-quality loupes or magnifying glasses, these disruptive influences are eliminated by making corrections to the lens or the lens systems. We recommend triplet loupes with aplanatic and achromatic correction.

Lens systems that consist of three individual lenses are used here. Their special design eliminates the visible colour flaws and the magnification is extremely high-contrast and provides images that are razor-sharp up to the edges. Triplet magnifiers are very high-quality magnifiers with an excellent image quality.

If you are looking for more information about our remarkable and high-quality selection of magnifiers, loupes and you would like to receive well-founded information on the advantages and disadvantages of the various lens systems, simply order our whitepaper “Loupes,Magnifiers and Lens Systems”. This specialist publication was produced in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Jochen Schlueter wrote. He is a qualified mineralogist and is responsible for the permanent collection of the Mineralogical Museum in Hamburg.

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Here you can order the whitepaper “loupes, magnifying glasses and lens systems” free of charge, in which the various lens systems are described. Simply enter your contact details here and we will send you our detailed white paper as a PDF on the subject of “Magnifiers and lens systems” by email.

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