Although we often still find it hard to believe ourselves, the beginnings of the KRÜSS enterprise go back more than two centuries. Even then, A.KRÜSS Optronic was one of the so-called “early movers”, and tradition dictates that we continue to use the dynamics of a rapidly changing world. What remains constant? Today, as then, all the equipment we produce ensures only the highest quality. As we are often asked about our history, we have decided to reissue the fascinating company chronicle written by Andres Krüss. In addition to the German original, with its many interesting images of historical devices, an English version is also now available for the first time.


Download German version


Download english version


At A. KRÜSS Optronic, too, the last year witnessed a boost for many new developments. We very quickly realized that the enforced standstill offered many opportunities. We therefore seized the initiative by launching a new website for gemmological instruments and compiling a specialist publication on gemmological examination methods. The author of this specialist publication is Prof. Dr Jochen Schlüter, a qualified mineralogist who graduated here in Hamburg. Following exploration activities both at home and abroad, he has, since 1988, headed the Mineralogical Museum, a part of the Centre for Natural History (CeNak) at the University of Hamburg, where he is also a lecturer.


Our common goal for the web and print versions of this publication: to provide generally understandable explanations and comments concerning the field of gemmology together with information on the corresponding devices. We thus hope to familiarise interested users with the scientific principles on which our devices operate. Excerpts from the complete work can be ordered free of charge as a white paper via the website section Applications. These texts provide a wealth of information that answer the questions: Which device is best suited for which examination? How do the respective devices work? For which type of tasks can they be used in practice?

In this manner we are treading a completely new path and are proud of our cooperation with various photographers and publishers. Accordingly, we have been authorised to display a highly impressive tanzanite photo by the well-known mineral photographer and collector Malte Sickinger. This now adorns our homepage.

We are no less pleased to have been granted permission to use photos owned by the Friedrich Reinhardt Publishing House fin Basel and taken by Harold & Erica Van Pelt, a renowned photographer couple regarded as pioneers in the field of gemmological photography. Together, their photos help make complex scientific relationships even more understandable. On the web as well as in specialist publications.

We hope you enjoy an interesting tour of discovery!

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