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Precision spectroscope with adjustable slit, wavelength scale and linear prism according to Amici. To determine stones of the same color with the help of absorption spectra.

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Accurate gemstone analysis by means of light spectrum analysis

The HS1504 gem spectroscope has a Amici prism (5 prism) that delivers a sharp spectrum. A gemstone spectroscope provides maximum clear measurement results as a result of its uncomplicated measurement methodology. Our prism spectroscope gives a far brighter spectrum, which makes faint lines easier to see. These instruments will usually have a focus slide control as well as a light slit control, allowing for adjustments in the amount of light entering the unit. Therefore, the spectroscope is an important tool in gemmology examinations, assessments and appraisals. Well suited for identifying rubies, spinels, garnet, alexandrite or red tourmaline.

Technical specifications:

■ Portable hand-held spectroscope with adjustable optical slit and wavelength scale
■ Bright Amici prism (5 individual prisms) creates a very sharp spectrum
■ Angular dispersion: C-F 7 °
■ Linear dispersion: 60 mm
■ Measurement range wavelength scale 400 – 750 nm
■ Scale division: 10 nm
■ Dimensions (W × H × D): 42 mm x 115/65 mm x 20 mm
■ Weight: 233 g

Examplesof good practise for various spectroscope applications, can be found in the article: Separating valuable rubies from spinels.

You can find background information on examinations with the spectroscope in the article Spectroscopy on methods.

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