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Tests colorless natural diamonds (colors D-J) and checks the UV transmission of loose and set stones (0.01 ct to 12 ct) without warm-up

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Diamond testing device: SmartPro Screen I.

CVD tester, distinguishes between synthetic and natural diamonds, suitable for loose and set stones, no warm-up time. The SmartPro Screen I is ideal for testing colorless diamonds (colours D-J or very fine white to slightly tinted white). The measurements are based on the UV transmission (UV absorption) of the stones to be tested. Very practical and easy to use: The stone to be tested is placed on a measuring platform and the result can be read off the device immediately.

Technical details:

■ Colors: D-J, Type Ia, Ib and CVD / HPHT Type IIa, IIb
■ Sensor based on LED technology
■ Result within a maximum of 2 seconds
■ LED display and acoustic signal
■ Suitable for testing from 0.01 ct to 12 ct
■ Automatic switch-off (after 5 minutes of inactivity)
■ Signal when battery is low
■ Micro USB or 4 x AAA batteries
■ Results visible by LED light and audible by signal
■ Dimensions (W × H × D): 100 mm x 130 mm x 80 mm
■ Weight: 191 g

You can find practical examples of the most varied applications of diamond testing devices, for example in the article: Determining diamonds and imitations .
You can find background information on examining diamonds and other gemstones in the methods article: Testing and distinguishing gemstones.

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