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Powerful stereo microscope with a large zoom range and large working distance, enabling observations with a high depth of field

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This premium stereo and zoom microscope is perfect for the three-dimensional, correct-reading and precise display of microscopic examinations. It offers the best resolution and excellent image quality in the large field of view and also enables larger working distances. This A.KRÜSS stereo microscope is ideal for determining and examining gemstones as well as determining quality. With its horizontal structure, it can be used especially for examinations in immersion liquids. Further fields of application are watchmaking, jewelry production, tool making.

Technical details:

Basic equipment like KSW5000: (magnification 10x and 30x, 45 ° angled viewer, 360 ° rotatable, 10x wide-field eyepieces including eyecups / field of view 20, working distance approx. 90mm, 2x objective nosepiece 1x and 3x, double-sided diopter adjustment, symmetrical interpupillary distance adjustment 51-75 mm Etc.)
■ With photo tube for microscope camera
■ Horizontal alignment
■ Cuvette for immersion liquid
■ Cuvette table with rotatable stone holder
■ Polarization device and translucent glass
■ Adjustable cold light source with light guide, dark field lighting, LED transmitted light
■ Extension possibility for two-armed light guide
■ With external mains adapter 110 V to 240 V

Background information on examinations with immersion liquid can be found in the Methods article Microscopy .

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