Stone tweezers tip size F

The precision tweezers with very fine tips, size FINE, are ideal for very fine precision work. The tweezers are well suited for gripping fine gemstones or gemstone fragments or when stones are to be placed in small, hard-to-reach settings. The tip size is also perfect for work in jewelry production or the watch industry, for gripping and holding the smallest components or gears and the finest wires.

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  • Mobile gem laboratory KA52KRS Quick View

    Delivery time: in 4-6 weeks

    Large mobile gemstone laboratory KA52KRS

    Mobile laboratory for experts that includes high-quality professional equipment. Suitable for comprehensive study and evaluation of gemstones


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  • Gemstone refractometer ER601-LED Quick View

    Delivery time: in 3-6 days (EU) 5-21 days (world)

    Gemstone refractometer ER601-LED

    Professional gemstone refractometer with high-end equipment and quality LED lighting. For high-quality measurement of the refractive index and for checking the authenticity and quality of stones


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