Stone tweezer KOF20F


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Stone tweezer made of stainless steel with lock, tip size: F (Fine)
Length: 16 cm, color: black

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Stone tweezer made of stainless steel with lock, smaller tip size: F (Fine)

Our tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel, titanium or brass chromed. These resistant materials make them robust and durable. Due to their antistatic and non-magnetic properties, they are ideal for fine handicrafts at jewelers and watchmakers or in micro-electronics assembly. They are also ideal for holding precious stones and pieces of jewelery, for operating and repairing small precision parts or for gripping and loosening pearls, jewelery, screws and other small parts.

Learn more?

Information and practical tips for using tweezers can be found in the article:Tweezers – Application & Use.

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