Stone tweezer tip size L

Tweezers with the tip size LARGE are particularly suitable for working with larger stones. This larger tip size is also often used when gripping round components and wires or for examining precious stone solder. For particularly large stones and an even better hold, the LARGE size is also available with a longitudinal groove. Their blunt, rounded tips prevent damage to the stones and guarantee a lot of dexterity even with long-lasting work.

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  • Magnifying Glasses Triplet LB010 side-NEW Quick View

    Delivery time: in 3-6 days (EU) 5-21 days (world)

    Magnifying Glasses / Triplet LB010

    Magnifying glasses: Working distance: 270-300 mm, eye relief: 56-74 mm, field of view diameter: 50 mm, magnification: 2.3x.


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  • Gemstone refractometer ER601-LED

    Professionalgemstone refractometer with high-end equipment and quality LED lighting. For high-quality measurement of the refractive index and for checking the authenticity and quality of stones


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