Gemstone refractometer ER604-LED


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Compact gemstone refractometer with good optical features. For measuring the refractive index and checking the authenticity and quality of stones

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Compact gemstone refractometer

The ER604-LED refractometer is a solid, high-quality refractometer for measuring the refractive index. The image quality of the measurement results is good to very good. This refractometer is ideal when the refractive index is to be measured in normal occurrences or it is carried out as an additional examination.

Technical details:

■ Gemstone refractometer with polarization filter
■ Measuring range: 1.33 – 1.81 nD
■ Including an LED light source with a wavelength of 589 nm
■ Equipped with a wavelength filter (589 nm sodium filter) to generate monochromatic light when using any light source
■ Prisms of optical glass with a resolution of 0.01 nD
■ Housing: aluminum cast
■ Dimensions (W × H × D): 32 mm x 60 mm x 110 mm
■ Weight: 328 g

You will find practical examples of examinations with the gemstone refractometer and determining the refractive index of gemstones in the application article: Determining gemstones with the refractometer

Backgroundinformation on the use of refractometers can be found in the Refractometrymethod article.

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