Diamonds – a good investment?

News March 2022: In times of crisis, many reconsider an investment in precious stones, e.g. diamonds. he diamond is recognised as the king of gemstones and has very stable value.

The market for investment diamonds is far less unstable compared to the stock and commodity markets. For first class investment diamonds, the price has increased more than tenfold from 1960 to today! However, those who want to invest in diamonds need to know that investment diamonds are usually only suitable as a pure value investment from a size of 1 to 2 carats. Investment-quality stones also require a certificate from an institute that has been recognised for its expertise for a longer time. Expertise is provided, for example, by GIA, IGI or HRD.

Basic settings for investment objects

Diamond rating

Some specialists recommend the following values for investment diamonds:

  • Colour: D-H (RiverD/highly fine white+ to Wesselton/white).
    An investment diamond’s with less discolourationhas a higher light reflectance and a higher price compared to a more strongly coloured, but otherwise identical diamond.
  • Clarity grade: FL/IF-VS (flawless to very small inclusions)
    Diamonds with this clarity are mark as “flawless”. This means that they do not have any inclusions or blemishes that are visible to an expert inspector at 10x magnification. For the examination, experts like to use our high-quality magnifying glasses special for diamonds. In the article “Loupes – Use & Comparison” we have explained which loupesare suitable for which examinations.
  • Clarity grade: Flawless
    Diamonds with this rating have been awarded “Flawless” by the “Gemological Institute of America” (GIA), when even the smallest traces of processing are no longer visible on the “outer skin” of the stone when magnified 10 times. Appraised only by an experienced examiner.
diamond cut

Other important evaluation criteria:

  • Cut (including polish and symmetry): 3x excellent to 3x very good
    The round brilliant cut is the most demanding and also by far the most popular cut due to its very good light output. We found an impressive video on diamond cutting on YouTube.
  • Sizes: A minimum size of 1 to 2 carats makes sense, or from 0.5 ct for beginners. (if smaller cuts are required, quarter carats and third carats are also suitable).
  • Fluorescence: none
    Strong to very strong fluorescence of diamonds in the highest GIA colour grades D to F can cause a reduction of value. In extreme cases, the intense radiation results in an oily to cloudy optical effect that disturbs the impression of purity. Detailed information about fluorescence behaviour and our UV analysis lamps can be found in the two articles: Detecting diamond counterfeits under UV light and analysis with UV light.

In resume:

Whether loose or as a piece of jewellery, an investment in diamonds needs the advice of experts and professionals. They provide consulting and all the information required for a safe diamond investment. With a good professional expertise, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

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