Spectroscope device set KL12-1504


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Spectroscope equipment set consisting of handheld spectroscope with spectroscope stand including polarizer, analyzer and conoscope lens

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Hand spectroscope with spectroscope stand

Accurate gemstone analysis by means of light spectrum analysis. Spectroscope instrument set which consists of a handheld spectroscope with spectroscope stand and polariscope device, has a light-intensive Amici rectilinear prism (5 prisms), which shows a sharp spectrum. A gemstone spectroscope provides maximum clear measurement results as a result of its uncomplicated measurement methodology. Our prism spectroscope gives a far brighter spectrum, which makes faint lines easier to see. These instruments will usually have a focus slide control as well as a light slit control, allowing for adjustments in the amount of light entering the unit. Therefore, the spectroscope is an important tool in gemmology examinations, assessments and appraisals.

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The KL12-1504 device set includes:

Hand-held spectroscope HS1504

  • Portable handheld spectroscope with adjustable optical slit and wavelength scale

Spectroscope stand with polariscope device

  • Spectroscope stand with adjustable bracket
  • Polarizer, analyzer and conoscope lens
  • Rotating stone table, rotating glass pane
  • Compatible with A.KRÜSS cold light sources
  • Dimensions (W×H×D): 75 mm x 140/150 mm x 75 mm
  • Weight: 254g

Want to know more about the possibilities?

Examplesof good practise for various spectroscope applications, can be found in the article: Separating valuable rubies from spinels.

You can find background information on examinationswith the spectroscope in the article Spectroscopyon methods.

Bonus: Since it comes with a polarizer, analyzer, conoscope lens, we also recommend the posts Polariscopy and Spotting Imitation Gems with Polariscopy .

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