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News September 2022: If you want to experience the hands-on scientific world of gemstones, come to Idar-Oberstein. This is the headquarters of the German Gemmological Association (DGemG). Founded in 1932, it is one of the three oldest institutions of gemmology in the world. Whether gemstone dealers, cutters, jewelers, goldsmiths or interested private individuals: Whoever is looking for sound knowledge, with the science of gemmology in the background, uses the training and continuing education programs of the DGemG.

Dr. Tom Stephan, the deputy director of the training center gave us interesting insights into his work.

DGemG continuing education and seminars for gemmology

Gemstone knowledge at a modern level

Dr. Tom Stephan sees the work of the company in transition and as a cycle: In the beginning, it was mainly about the distinction between real and artificial stones. In addition, over time and to this day, the knowledge of artificially altering the properties and treatment of gemstones has become more important.

Aus- und Weiterbildung auf edelsteinkundlichem Gebiet

The expert knows, rubies and sapphires are often thermally treated, in addition, chemical additives can be used. In the case of emeralds, the purity can be improved. Such treatments need to be identified, because artificial property changes have an impact on value. The DGemG offers many seminars specifically for this task, such as the intensive seminars on corundum and beryl.

"Hand to the stone !" - Practice is important

Dr. Stephan appreciates the diversity of his tasks and, in particular, the fact that he is not dealing with miracles of nature. He is enthusiastic about the fact that the findings of geological research and science at DGemG find their way directly and quickly into practice. He reports that for a long time, the determination of the origin of gemstones has also been relevant, because this is also often value-determining.

Microscopy and infrared spectroscopy emerald

In the training courses offered by Dr. Stephan of the DGemG, proper work with classical instruments such as polariscopes, refractometers, microscopes, magnifying glasses and infrared spectroscopy is demonstrated. These devices are used in various methods of investigation and, of course, in the determination of the site.

Detect Synthetic Diamonds With Diamond Testing Instruments

Today, another major topic – and here we come full circle – is the detection of synthetic diamonds. In recent years, processes for the production of synthetic diamonds have developed enormously.

DGEMG Courses-Diamond Examination

State-of-the-art technology and the latest scientific findings are used to identify these and other imitations. In DGemG special courses, for example, the use of more advanced equipment is offered, such as the use of portable spectrometers that enable computer-aided analyses.

The heart of the Gemmological Association

Dr. Stephan tells us that the in-house display and teaching collection is one of the most extensive of its kind in the world. It is the heart of the DGemG. The gems, rarities and specimens in the collection from all conceivable countries of origin allow for a maximum degree of practice-oriented work in education and training. The DGemG team works with samples from the collection in the courses.

DGemG Teaching Collection Science Meets Practice

Some of these minerals were taken directly from mines on site. Thus, they can be used to make valid matches with gemstones of unknown origin. This makes it possible to reveal long-hidden secrets of origin of gemstones.

Information from experts digital & analog

The DGemG team is working intensively on expanding digital offerings, including the online edition of the in-house trade magazine, blog posts, and the newsletter. For example, if you need exclusive information about new occurrences, you should become a member. So he gets first-hand information earlier than many others. Special attention will also be paid to the further development of the online DGemG Gemstone Library. This is also accessible only to members of the company.

DGemG Gem Library

We at A.KRÜSS also use the library regularly, because here we find interesting stories and expert information about all kinds of gemstones. This means that all important information can be called up quickly, even when on the move, and can also be reproduced during sales talks, for example.

DGemG Stone Collection-Rarities-Covers

Customers appreciate knowledge and information about gemstones. Because for them, for us and for the experts of the DGemG, they are and remain a fascinating wonder of nature.

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