New videos show gemmological devices

Apr 2024: A wide variety of devices are used for analysing in the multifaceted field of gemmology. These are used to test, examine and evaluate gemstones. Our experts know the complex application possibilities and demonstrate their expertise in new videos.


Video of the device set: handheld spectroscope, cold light source & polarization device

Spectroscopes allow the analysis of gemstones with the help of the light spectrum analysis. Absorption allows users to identify the elements which each stone is made of – in this way they can determine the quality and type of gemstones.

Spectroscopy: Absorption spectra of coloured stones

Our gemstone spectroscope set with stand and cold light source has the high-intensity Amici straight prism (5 prisms), which shows a sharp spectrum. It has a built-in adapter for scale illumination, and an adapter plate for light source and an integral polariser.

This video explains all the specialist information on correct use.

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Examplesof good practise for various spectroscope applications, can be found in the article: Separating valuable rubies from spinels.

You can find background information on spectroscopic analysis in the Spectroscopy methods article.

Bonus: The set includes a polarizer, analyzer and conoscope lens, so we also recommend the articles Polariscopy and Detecting gemstone imitationswith polariscopy.

Video film gemstone microscope: professional know-how for perfect use

Our gem microscopes are all high-quality stereo microscopes and have been specially designed to meet the needs of gemmologists. Equipped with special accessories, they are ideal for the precise examination of minerals or for testing diamonds and colored stones.

Swivel Arm Microscope Video Assembly Mounting Kruess

The stereo zoom microscope with swivel arm offers maximum working distance and flexibility. It is ideal for viewing and precisely examining set gemstones and minerals or is suitable for microscope photography.

This video contains a lot of important information about the setup and use of the swivel arm microscope:

You can find more information on examinations with stereomicroscopes or with immersion liquid in the Methods article Microscopy .

You can also find practical examples in the articles: Viewing inclusions with stereomicroscopes (brightfield microscopy) and Using darkfield microscopy

Gemstones in close-up with microscope photography

Whether monitor, TV, projector, tablet or smartphone: a produced image can be easily and securely transmitted to the desired display via the HDMI and WiFi interfaces of the MKTV5 microscope camera. With this camera it is also possible to create image and video files and save them directly to an SD card. Thanks to the standardized USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface and the C-mount thread, the MKTV5 microscope camera can be connected to all commercially available microscopes, macroscopes, endoscopes and lenses.


The camera comes with the MKTV5 display, a full HD display with brilliant image reproduction. Due to the direct mounting, the display and camera form an extremely space-saving unit.

More information on the possibilities of this special equipment can be found in this video:

We think that anyone looking for information about our precise gemmological analyzers is in good hands on our video channel. In addition to important specialist know-how, we also present many valuable tips on a wide range of applications and examination methods.

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